Why being single is not as bad as you think!


The last year I was really down because I am single, all my friends have a boyfriend and they look super happy. I wanted to have that too, I wanted to be happy and I thought I could’nt be that without a guy.

I know that was so stupid of me!

Of course you can be single and happy at the same time, now I even think that being single in your twenties is beter than having a boyfriend. Not that having a boyfriend is bad, and if you have one, that’s great and keep him!

I just want to say that there are a lot of benefits to being single in your 20’s.

13592367_10207687602203032_5954852114631378021_n1. Freedom

You can do wat you want!

Do you want to be lazy the whole day, do you want to party, go on spontaneous adventures with your friends, drink that extra beer, …

Just do it! I mean nobody is going to stop you, you don’t have to go spend a friday night with your boyfriend just because it’s a tradition.

Be sponteneous, have fun, make memories!

2. Travelling

I just had to include this one, because it’s a very important one.

You can travel on your own and sometimes it is even easier because you don’t have to count and rely on anybody. Just do what you want to do and see/explore the world.

If you want to go somewhere but your partner does’nt, than most of the time you’re not going to go. And that is such a shame!

Never give up your dreams for someone else!!!!!!!!!

3. Saving 

Saving is a lot easier when your single. You don’t have to spend money on dates, a house, bills, …

When you’re single you can make travelling your number one priority. Live with your parents, work more, … And that’s going to show on your bank account

4. Getting to know yourself

And last, I know it sounds cliché but you are going to find yourself. The trips that you will make are going to change you for the better, and once you really now yourself than you will be able to be in a relationship and truly be yourself. And if it’s not working out you will be able to stop it and now that you can do everything one your own!

Yoni x

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