How to avoid getting shiny trough out the day.

I have a very oily skin of my own and I hate it! Every time I put make-up on it looks nice the first hour and after that my T-zone just gets so shiny, my make-up is gone and it just looks terrible.

So I decided to go to MAC and ask them what I should do. Once I was there and I told them about my problem  they said that a lot of people have this problem and that they had just the right products for it.

The man who helped me was really nice and helpfull. He cleansed my face and showed me the steps that I need to follow to get the perfect skin.

First he used the Oil control Lotion, it’s a moisturizer that hydrates your skin without oils. Your face immediately feels soft and hydrated. After that he used the Prep + Prime Face Protect Lotion, when he used it on my face you immediately saw a big difference. My skin wasn’t shiny it just looked perfect!

I really was amazed but he kept going. He told me that if I needed a little more matt finish on my T-zone I needed to use the Prep + Prime Skin Refind Zone. You just need to use a little bit on the oily areas of your face and apply it with a sponge. This was the best thing I ever used!!!! Everithing looked matt, my make-up lasted for the whole day without moving a little bit.

I now these are really pricey products but they are worth the price!

So if you have an oily skin and you want to spend a little more on face products I really recommend these ones. They made my make-up experience a lot better!

  • Oil Control Lotion
  • Prep + Prime Face Protect Lotion
  • Prep + Prime Skin Refind Zone

So if you have used these products, please tell me your experiences!

Yoni x


2 thoughts on “How to avoid getting shiny trough out the day.

  1. Hey, super producten! Gebruik ook zogoed als alleen mac en ben er echt content van.
    Heb juist het zelfde probleem, echt irritant!
    Heb je ook al eens de Prep +prime fix/settings spray gebruikt?, werkt echt goed om alles vast te houden. Ik gebruik het alleen achteraf. Maar je kan ook voor en na gebruiken xx staci

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