My lush addiction.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who has this but most of the time I just don’t like taking a shower. Don’t get me wrong I do shower 😄 and it’s not that it is the most hatefull thing to do but I just don’t enjoy it most of the time. So what I would do is just take a quick shower in the morning and get ready. 

But when I have stress, get anxiety or just don’t feel well I just need some me time, and for me that is taking a long bath with some bathoil, bubbles, bathbomb, …and just pamper myself. 

So when I walked by Lush today I just couldn’t control myself! I know I should have more selfcontrol but everyone has a weak spot. ☺️ I only bought 5 bathbombs, for some of you that is still a lot. But you know it could have been worse. 

1. Fizzbanger

This is a bright yellow bathbomb, with a fresh scent of apples and cinnamon. I love fresh scents so I hope I will enjoy this one.

2. Avobath

This is the perfect one to destress I think, it’s a combination of lemongrass and bergamot to refresh the mind, the avocado and olive oil hydrate the skin. 

3. Sakura

This one just looks so beautiful I think. Because of the beautiful colours and the great smell this can become a favorite of mine. It’s a floral scent but also a little citrusy. It has jasmine, orangeblossom, mimosa and lemon in the scent.  It just smells amazing!

4 and 5. Dragon’s egg

And then my all time favorite, Dragon’s egg!!!! I just LOVE this one. From the beginning this was my favorite and still is, again it has a fresh citrus smell and that is just a scent that I absolutely love. This scent is a combination of jasmine and grapefruit and again the bathbomb just looks adorable. It’s almost too beautiful to use, but the thought that I can buy it again makes me use this bathbomb. And btw you all can see this is my favorite because I bought 2 pieces of this one! 😄

I’m curious if I’m going to get some new favourites in my lush bathbomb collection. I will keep you updated about my experience with the new bathbombs!

What are your favourite products from lush? Please leave a comment and maybe I can try them too! 

Yoni x

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